Flower Arrangements Made Easy

I purchased some inexpensive spider mums and white roses from Costco yesterday and made a beautiful flower arrangement with adding variegated mint and lavender from my garden. You can do it too, here’s how…

flower arrangement

STEP 1 – First I found a silver and brass container and filled it with a green foam material called OASIS. You can purchase the oasis at a flower mart, nursery or online. You will also need green floral tape which you can buy at the same store. I used the tape to form a grid over the mouth of the container.

Floral arrangement made easy

STEP 2 – I filled the container with water.

oasis and water

Spider mums in oasis


I cut the stems on an angle so the flower can get as much water as possible and placed them in the oasis.

spider mums in container


Next I made sure the mums covered the container’s opening

spider mums and white roses


I then added the white roses making sure the flowers sat above the mums.

spider mums and roses with lavender


I finished off the arrangement with my varigated mint and lavender.  The herbs give the arrangement an wonderful aroma and adds a natural feel.  It is really very easy.  If I can do it, then so can you!